Can I use Ramp Armor outdoors?

Yes, you can use Ramp Armor for your indoor or outdoor projects. Ramp Armor has been specifically developed for both indoor and outdoor use and has special properties enabling it to withstand different climates and exposures to the elements.

What thickness, sizes, and colors are available for Ramp Armor?

Ramp Armor is ¼” thick and comes in 4’ x 8’ and 4’ x 10’ sheets and is available in tan, brown, or black.

Are special tools needed to work with Ramp Armor?

No special tools are needed to work with this material. The only tools needed to layer a park or ramp with Ramp Armor is a circular saw, drill, countersink, drill bit (available ay any hardware store), and screws.

What are the shipping costs associated with my order?

All shipping costs are estimated using the quantity of sheets and the product’s final destination. All materials ships FOB from our factory or distributors.

How do I find a reputable ramp builder?

There are many good ramp builders available nationwide. Referrals are always the best way to learn of the best of the best. Ramp Armor can recommend numerous builders who will be able to assist you with your project. Check out our Builders/Distributors Page!

Does Ramp Armor expand or contract in the elements?

Ramp Armor’s  expansion and contraction rates are minimal. Of course this low expansion and contraction rate is magnified by the sub-layers. Plywood has been known to have a large expansion and contraction rate.

What is the usual delivery time for Ramp Armor?

Ramp Armor will be delivered via common carrier approximately two weeks from either the order date or when funds are secured.

Is there a minimum of sheets I can Order?

We do not place quantity constraints on our customers. However, it is more advantageous to order Ramp Armor in larger quantities (as dictated by your project) to reduce shipping expenses.

What do you recommend as a sub-layer?

Ramp Armor Surfacing Technology recommends SUB-STR8 underlayment as a sub-layer. SUB-STR8 is a revolutionary composite material that will not absorb water like marine grade plywood or other traditional under layers. Please see SUB-STR8 under our Product Info page for more details.